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They had been dating for a few months, but the sex had always been quite vanilla. He didn’t want to freak her out, but she had GREAT legs and VERY SEXY feet, and her choice of stockings over pantyhose often made him throb in his pants. This night they had returned to her place after a dinner party at her friends where they BOTH had enough intoxicating refreshment that they elected to cab it back home. On their trip in the cab, she had placed her feet on his lap and stroked him through his jeans as she asked him his impression of each of her woman friends. He pretended not to remember, but with her reminders of each woman, he couldn’t help but respond! Some of them were SO openly erotic! When she felt his cock throb under her foot, she would smile and say something like “so, you LIKED her, right?” The wicked little grin on her face and his cock throbbing under her foot left him little room to deny the obvious! When they were back in her apartment she made him lie back and her sofa and then pulled down his pants and shorts. Then she looked him in the eye as she brought one foot up to press against the top of his cock while her hand softly stroked it against her foot while asking him AGAIN about each woman at the party.He was able to make it successfully through all of her questions, but then she pressed her right foot against the entire length of his cock as her left hand began stroking him from balls to tip. “I think THIS is what you REALLY want” she said, looking him straight in the eyes as her fingers tickled his balls and his cock grew ever larger and more turgid against her foot. He gasped, then tried his best to hold out as her hand softly, methodically, ENDLESSLY stroked him against the sole of her foot. Her smile, her foot, her hand, he couldn’t resist!!!! He eventually thrust his pelvis up against her assault, grunting and thrusting desperately into her hand/foot heaven. He was FAR beyond worry about what she may think when he finally EXPLODED in spasm after spasm of orgasmic pleasure over her foot and hand!!!! Much to his relief and delight, it made her laugh!!!! Even as she continued pumping his throbbing, spasmiing, swollen cock against her foot, her lilting laugh and pleasure at making him explode were evident! “I KNEW you loved my legs! And I am SO going to make you WORK for them!!!!” He gasped as he looked at her ecstatic face. In that instant, he KNEW she COULD and WOULD torment his cock MANY MANY TIMES, but he was looking forward to EACH and EVERY TIME!

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Keeping him RIGHT on that very edge of drooling, where her endless stroking only made him increasingly more desperate without ANY hope of relief, THAT was what made him ALWAYS WANT HER!!!! Well, that AND the fact that from time to time she would bring her other hand in to tickle his throbbing balls, making him gasp and writhe and even MORE desperate to cum, while she would just smile at him , lick her lips and needlessly ask “Good, isn’t it, baby? SO GOOD!!!! I can FEEL how much you WANT IT!!!

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